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General Archive

Managing Diabetes

It can be tough to hear from a veterinarian that your pet suffers from any illness, much less diabetes. Fortunately, much like in human medicine, there have been
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Becoming a Pet Sitter

Do you love caring for animals and want to consider doing it for a living? Perhaps you were asked to sit for a neighbor or family member’s pet,
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Decoding Sleep

Decoding Your Dog’s Sleeping Habits If your dog isn’t begging for food, scarfing down a meal or accompanying you on a walk, chances are he’s asleep. It’s true:
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The 3 Command-ments

While you may be ready to bring your pup with you to every family get-together or party, your dog may not be. As you plan to visit relatives
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10 Things to Know

Have you been dreaming of getting a dog ever since you saw the reruns of the television classic Lassie as a kid? Or maybe you were fortunate enough
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