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Liver and Brain Health for Dogs and Cats

This article has been produced to provide pet owners (dogs & cats) with information about Denosyl Tablets and how this product can be beneficial to their pet’s liver and brain health. A little knowledge could save your pet’s life!

Are Dogs Altruistic?

Dogs have saved their offspring and they have saved humans. Because they sacrifice themselves, does that make them altruistic?

My Dog Has Bad Breath – What’s Wrong?

If your dog has bad breath, it’s likely that his gums are infected. Read this article and learn how to clean your dog’s teeth. Canine dental care is only one aspect of dog health, but a serious one. Don’t take it lightly!

Jack Russell Shedding – Top 3 Solutions

Is your Jack Russell shedding problem stopping you from sitting on your coach, or wearing dark clothes? Read this article and learn the top 3 most effective ways to solve your dog’s shedding problem.

How to Avoid the Common Mistakes of New Dog Owners

Learn how to avoid the common mistakes most new dog owners make. Expert advise on training and obedience to make owning a dog fun and stress free.

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