Great Idea for Elderly Dogs

After a lifetime of being taken cared of in a loving home, some old dogs are abandoned and sent to animal shelters. Luckily, Oaklies Oldies is a retirement home for these elderly four-legged family members.

The dogs are adopted and the people working there try to make the transition as easy as possible – making the shelter feel like a home. Oaklies Oldies can be found in Shrewsbury, England.

Oaklies Oldies, the Dogs Trust’s rehoming centre in Shrewsbury, is a sanctuary for abandoned mature canines.

Eight years ago the house was converted into the perfect respite for the “OADs” with boxes of toys, cushy couches and a large garden to play in.

But the noise of the washing machine and the centre’s volunteers putting the kettle on provide a welcome comfort to the pets used to the sounds of a normal home.

The Centre can house as many as a dozen dogs at a time and caters especially for pooches over the age of seven who have been left behind by their owners.

Lee Pogson, supporter relations officer for the Dog’s Trust, said the staff and volunteers do their best to treat the dogs to make them feel at home.

She said: “We have one dog here that needs medication and is very choosy with his food. He only eats fish pie – so we go out and get him fish pie and mix up his medication in there.

“If a dog needs fish pie, we’ll get him fish pie. We will spoil them to the best of our ability.”

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