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Five Ways To Get Your Dog’s Attention

Do you have difficulty getting your dog to pay attention to you? Here we offer some simple solutions to this common problem.

Dog Training Tip: How to Get Compliance Without Food

Does your dog have to be bribed to behave? Learn how to phase out the food so your dog is obedient without the bribery.

3 Essential Dog Care Tips That You Can Consider

For most of us, our childhood included the presence of a pet and it often turned out to be a dog. They are one of the most loving pets especially when they have caring owners to give them all the love they deserve.

Yorkshire Terriers – The Big Dog of Little Dogs

Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) are intelligent, self assured, and protective little dogs. They make great companions for older adults and serve well as watch dogs. This companion dog, requires mental and physical exercise, and daily attention to its coat. The breed does not realize it’s small stature and will take on bigger dogs without fear.

Why You Should Be Using Natural Dog Shampoos

It’s wrong to use your own shampoo or your baby’s shampoo on your dog’s skin. The make-up of the human skin is quite different from that of dogs and so it’s very important to stick to dog shampoos especially natural dog shampoos. Shampoos with fancy ingredients are bad for your dog’s skin; if you doubt it, pay attention to your dog after bathing him with a cheap shampoo and spot the difference when you switch to natural shampoos.

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