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Top 5 Things Your Dog Definitely Hates You For

The cliched saying goes “Every man is a dog’s best friend.” But do we know exactly what our best friend thinks or feels? Especially when it cannot be conveyed to you verbally.

Revolution for Dogs – An Effective Heartworm and External Parasite Preventive Treatment

Revolution for dogs is the most efficient treatment when it comes to heartworm and external parasite preventative treatment. Let us look at some pointers that distinguish this ingenious treatment from others available in the market.

Best Dog Breeds – Getting The Best For Your Family

There are dozens of dog breeds to choose from when thinking of getting a family dog. But not every dog is suitable for every family and your purpose for the dog should be a leading factor for you to get the best breed. Different dog breeds behave differently too, making it even more important for you to approach the selection part of it with care to get the best for your family. Below are some considerations that will help you pick the best dog breeds.

The Three Commands You Need To Teach Your Dog

There are three commands that will help you and your dog have a better life together, and I bet you have no idea what they are. You’re thinking right now – that they are Sit, Stand and Walk. And you would be very wrong. Just like everyone else, you are doing what you hear other pet owners do, not what should be done or is best for the pet. All because you don’t have to take a course or learn about your pet before adopting it. However, if you were to adopt a child you would have to prove that you are capable of caring for said child before you can sign on the dotted line. So why not help your pet now and learn these three simple words.

Manners Matter 12

Rude Pets and Rude Pet Owners – My wife used to share her ice cream cone with our dachshund. The neighbor girl wasn’t impressed, however, when he took a lick of her cone. What is socially acceptable to a dog or to a dog owner is not necessarily acceptable to humans.

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