Secrets to Potty Training Your Dog

Tricks to prevent accidents in the house.

These tips don’t just apply to new puppy owners, but also help owners with old dogs. As a dog ages, he might be prone to making accidents so we should be patient with him during this time and reinforce potty training.

Having a new puppy around the house is a fun and exciting experience, and let’s hope to make training your pup will be the same!

Read on and see what the professional suggests and try it out on your own puppy!

When your dog is sleeping or when you are away from the home, Friedman suggests using a crate. “Most pups have a natural desire to keep their crates clean and will not soil in their crates,” she says.

The crate system is most effective if you can come home after a few hours to let your dog out, such as over lunch during your workday. If this isn’t possible, it’s important to give your puppy a place to eliminate indoors until he is old enough to wait for you to get home. Friedman recommends newspaper for this purpose. “Not only is the surface of newspaper closer to that of most flooring indoors and out, but the sound of walking on newspaper is distinctive and doesn’t mimic most other sounds in the home, which will cue your dog to soil in the home,” she says.

Friedman says to watch for these indications from your pup:

  • A beseeching look, sometimes accompanied by whining and whimpering
  • Pacing, circling, or trying to pace or circle
  • Tugging on the leash suddenly and slinking as if trying to get away from you
  • Suddenly stopping play and becoming distracted

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