Stray Senior Dog is Given a Second Chance

This senior stray dog is given another chance and a makeover.

Bolinha, a senior stray dog in Brazil, was rescued by PamPet. They would like for Bolinha to lose weight because his current weight is putting a lot of strain on his bones and joints.

Because of the human food he’s been eating, he’s grown to be 80 lbs!

Check what his caretakers have done in order to help him lose all the excess wait, and he’s now in his way to full rehabilitation.

This is Bolinha. This senior stray lived near a gas station in western Brazil for 13 years, and was fed table scraps by the well-meaning, but misguided townspeople.

Dogs aren’t supposed to eat people food, and as a result of not getting the proper canine diet, Bolinha’s weight ballooned until he weighed 80 pounds. A dog his size should weigh about 35.

Bolinha was put on a strict exercise regimen, walking on a submerged treadmill. The water helped alleviate the pressure on his joints.

Over time and with a lot of hard work, Bolinha shed 30 pounds! He’s moving and breathing much more easily now.

His caretakers would like him to lose 15 more pounds, putting him at his ideal weight. He’s looking good!

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