Teaching Your Child Proper Behavior Around Other Pets

Let’s take a break from dog training, and go to “kid training” or teaching your child proper behavior around pets and other animals.

Kids often get excited around animals, especially pets. When they see a dog they just want to pet it and play with it, but this can cause unwanted accidents.

Below we’ve compiled a short list to serve as a guide to help your little one interact with the neighbor’s new dog the proper and safe way.

  • Always ask the owner before you pet a dog.
    Explain to your child that it’s important to chat with owners first, because they know best whether it’s okay to pet an animal.
  • Greet dogs slowly.
    Once you get the go-ahead, teach your child to move slowly and give the pet space.
  • Let a dog sniff your hand before you pet.
    The respectful way to meet a dog is to gently hold out a fist for the dog to sniff the top of it.
  • Never scream at or run away from a dog.
    Dogs can be easily startled, so loud noises or sudden movements can trigger their defense mechanism or cause the dog get too rowdy to play safely. Running away from a dog also can trigger certain breeds’ prey drive.
  • Always supervise kids around pets.
    Adult supervision keeps everyone and every dog happy and safe!

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Photo credit: Deejay Wei