“MAX” Movie Dog Trainer Shares Some Tips for All Dogs

Read Some Tips from the Dog Trainer for the Movie “MAX”!

Training your dog? Here are some tips from the dog trainer of the movie “Max”. Surely this trainer knows what he is doing. He has many things to say about training your dog that will really help you. These tips are for all kinds of dog so everybody can read it and maybe your dog can become a STAR! So read through this article now. You could even watch the movie to see the result.

Enjoy reading this and get some ideas in training your dog! Tell us what you think about these tips.


The dogs’ trainer, Mark Forbes, reveals what went into preparing these dogs for their role, and what pet owners can learn from the film.

How did you prepare them for the movie?

One important aspect of training a dog who has never been on a movie set is to help them get over the fear of a new situation. We take them to stores or a theme park so when they are on set, it’s just another new, busy place to them. I always say that a big part of our job is making it fun for the dogs. I can’t give them a bigger paycheck, so instead I make sure they enjoy doing whatever is required of them in the script.

What training tips do you have for the average pet owner?

It’s not rocket science. There’s no substitute for time, so spend a lot of time with your dogs. And be consistent. Dogs want to know what the rules are in the pack, and they get confused when the rules change. They really do want to do what you want them to do. If you’re clear about your expectations with very little gray area, that will cut training time down quite a bit. We use treats on set as motivation because there are distractions, but you’ll find a pat on the head means just as much as the treat. Praise them even when you’re teaching them not to do something. Make it fun, and make it positive.

Here is the trailer of the movie

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