How To Potty Train Your Pet Indoors Using Puppy Pee Pads In Less Than 14 Days

Learn how to potty train a dog indoors using puppy training pee pads in less than 14 days. The end goal is to train the dog to do his business only where the dog owner allows him to, and to do so without puppy pee pads. Coupon code for puppy pads included.

Dog DayCare – A Most Neglected Family Member Deserves A Treat!

Things You Should Know About Doggy Daycare. Just a few years ago, dog daycare was virtually non-existent and the idea seemed a little crazy. However, the times have changed dramatically since then. Canines need exercise! Stimulation both mental and physical. It is a fact that very few get enough exercise and this could potentially cause them to become obese, develop bad habits, create unacceptable and destructive behaviors, or just go stir crazy.

But My Dog Has Papers! See What This Really Means

“AKC purebred with papers” “Papered stud dog” “Champion lines with papers and full pedigrees” If you read various advertisements for puppies, you might see some of the phrases above in the ad. Sellers repeatedly use phrases like dog is registered and comes with papers in order to make claims about the dog’s worth, health, behavior, and quality. The phrase registered with papers is used by many so-called breeders in an attempt to “prove” that the dogs being sold are high quality, in excellent health, with great temperament and well worth the price they are asking. Unfortunately, “having papers” doesn’t always mean everything listed above.

What To Look For In A High Quality Dog Food

In this article I would like to share with you some useful information about what to look for in a high quality pet food. The fact is that there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of dog food brands for you to choose from. Some foods are more expensive, some brands are less expensive.

8 Top Tips To Keep Your Canine Companion Healthy And Happy

Loyal, obedient and non-judgmental; just a few of many positive adjectives that describe man’s best friend. The bond between many dog owners and their dogs is actually much closer than with any of their human friends. The physical and emotional well being of such a priceless friend should thus never be taken for granted.

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