Which Protein Is Best For Your Dog?

It’s an age old question when it comes to dog food. Should I feed a chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian based dog food? In fact today there is even a bunch more proteins to choose from when selecting your dog’s food.

A Healthy Dog – 9 Area’s To Keep An Eye On

Keeping a dog healthy and content is neither as easy nor as difficult as many people think. What it takes is an owner who is willing to devote the necessary time and energy to exercise, train, groom, and attend to the other needs of their pet. Conscientious dog care actually begins before you buy the dog, by realistically evaluating the time you have to spend on a dog and opting for a breed whose needs do not outstrip your resources. Good dog care is the dog owner’s responsibility.

Housetraining: A Crate Idea

The frustration that leads frazzled pet owners to abandoning their dogs to shelters the most is a lack of effective house training. Remember that your dog is a family member, and as such, is worth the time and effort required to properly house break them, so that you can be a happier pet owner and your dog can be happily in their family’s arms, not in a shelter.

The Correct Way To Walk Your Dog

One thing that dog owners complain most about is the fact that their dog is dragging them down the street when they go for a walk. It’s not only uncomfortable but it can actually be dangerous. Over the years I’ve seen people with hurt arms and shoulders as well as people that have been knocked to the ground.

Which Type Of Crate Is Best For My Dog?

A crate is the greatest gift you can give your dog. Why, because dogs are den animals and the crate becomes your dog’s den. So which type of crate should you select for your dog, the plastic crate are the wire crate? In my opinion there’s no comparison the plastic crate is the all-out winner and I’ll tell you why.

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