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Allowing Your Dog On The Furniture

Should you allow your dog on the bed or other furniture, well that is tough to say because it really depends on you and your family situation. Dogs of course can make people allergic, so if you do have someone in your family with allergies it is not advisable to have a dog on the furniture.

Crate Training For Older Dogs

Crate training is often associated with puppies and younger dogs; however, it is possible to crate train a canine at any age. This type of training is generally utilized as a means of ‘house breaking’ the animal and teaching the dog how to behave appropriately in the home. A controversial topic, crate training has been considered as a cruel practice by some unknowledgeable dog owners; however, if the training is done properly crate training can be highly beneficial to both the pet and pet owner.

All You Need To Know About Taking Care Of A Senior Dog

As the years have progressed, the greater the degree of technological advancements available. This is not only in the technology and gadgets industry, but also within medical industries including veterinarian sciences. Changes in medicine and nutrition have prolonged the life of different animals; however, it is still inevitable that your pet will age and with age comes various health problems. This article will provide information on how to provide an older dog with the most appropriate geriatric care.

Controlling Dog Obesity

Many people love and cherish their dogs, and we all know that dogs love to eat. It is common for dog owners to reward their dog with treats in the form of food. This is the main reason most dogs today are considered to be overweight. An overweight dog can be defined as a dog whose weight is 15% higher than what is considered optimal for that specific breed’s weight. If you look around at people’s dogs today, you will not be surprised to find out that most of them are probably obese.

Five Ways To Keep Your Older Dog In Good Health

You love your dog and naturally want him to be healthy and carefree in his golden years, just as he’s always been. To make sure of this, follow these five tips: A High Quality Diet – Your senior dog needs a good food that’s high in nutrients, but likely lower in calories. Unless your older dog is very active, ask your vet about a food suitable for senior dogs who may not be as rambunctious as they once were.

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