Popular Non Shedding Dog Breeds

Shedding is quite common with various pets including dogs. Shedding in dogs varies with breed and age. If you are allergic, you will probably want to get a dog that sheds very little. You can always go through reviews and information on the internet to research the breeds that shed the least before you make your decision on which breed is best for you. This article will discuss some of those breeds.

Adopting a Dog – Your Dog’s First Vet Visit

Dogs are in shelters for a variety of reasons. Some of them have behavior issues, some just got too big and then others just had the misfortunate of having a first owner who didn’t take the time to train them and give them the proper attention that every dog needs.

Dog Tremors – Causes

As a good dog owner, you would like to take care of your dog to the best of your ability. There are various reasons that your dog might suffer from tremors. If your dog gets really excited, your dog may appear to have tremors. On the other hand if your dog consumes any toxic substances, it might manifest itself as tremors as well. For that reason the cause of the tremors must be known so that you can better know how to treat the symptoms.

Getting Prepared For A New Baby In The House

You have a new baby on the way! What can you do to prepare your dog for the big day?

Establish A Good Mealtime Routine

Mealtimes are an important part of the day for your dog. Since you feed your dog at a certain time each day, your dog knows exactly when he is supposed to get his food, and if you are late, he can become anxious and upset.

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