Balanced training: Why it’s time to say goodbye to outdated methods. An open letter.

Helping Your Obese Dog Slim Down

Just like humans, dogs can get fat. But unlike people, it’s not something that you dog has much say over. If you are feeding your dog big meals and letting him lie around the house all day, he will get fat. And, as your dog gets older, his weight gain can become even more noticeable as he loses energy and looks for food more often.

How Old Does Your Puppy Need To Be To Begin Obedience Training?

If you have a new puppy then you probably picked your new puppy up, brought him home, and may have let him start playing in a little pen in your home. You may be laughing at the way he rolls around on the padding you got to protect your carpet or floor. He may be nipping at your fingers. And you may already be wondering how soon you can start training and how intensive it can be.

Fitting Ways of Honoring Your Dog After He Has Gone

A dog makes a long lasting companion, and for many people, thinking about the loss of a pet such as a dog is not something that most people would want to do. However, there is going to be a time when your beloved pet is going to pass on, and as heartbreaking and difficult as this is, there are some ways in which you can honor your dog as well as easing the bereavement process.

3 Reasons to Consider Using a Dog Kennel

There are several reasons why pet parents decide to kennel or crate train their dogs. Three of the most popular reasons are: to assist in housebreaking, to curb behavior problems, and to accustom the dog to safe travel. Each of these has their own merit and each may come into play as your dog grows older.

Should You Give Your Dog Chicken Jerky Treats?

Chicken jerky treats for dogs are safe and healthy to give to dogs. Dog owners just have to make sure that these treats are made in the USA and that they are given to dogs properly.

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