Bernese Mountain Dog #shorts

Leave “Max” at the Movies

The movie “Max” celebrates a Belgian Malinois war dog. As with other films, this one is bound to send people flocking to breeders for one of these dogs. But the Malinois is not for everyone! Learn why, and if you should consider one for your home, in this article.

4 Tips To Consider When Walking Your Dog

It’s very important to walk your dog in order to exercise him. While this is the case, you need to consider a number of tips in order to have ideal results. Some of these tips include: Walk Before The Dog – When walking your dog always ensure that you are the one in front of him-you should never let him lead you. This is to prevent the dog from feeling that he’s the one in control. When the dog feels that he’s in control its usually very hard to train and even discipline him. For ideal results always be the one leading him and let him know that he is supposed to be at the back.

Is Your Dog Getting Enough?

A smart man once said ‘you are what you eat’. Whelp, the same is true for your dog! So what you feed your dog does have a huge impact on how they will perform, how they will act and how much they will cost you in future vet bills.

Too Much From Your Dog?

Have you ever tried to teach your dog how to do something and had them go right back to their ‘old ways’? If you are anything like most people, then the answer to that question is yes. But what if I told you that there was a super simple solution to this problem and that as soon as you hear it you are going to have an ‘a-ha’ moment.

Potty Training Your Dog Made Easy

Today I want to share the best tips for potty training your dog! I wanted to share these tips because when I first got my dog from the shelter, she was not housebroken at all and would essentially go potty wherever and whenever she pleased. She was not housebroken at all and it sucked!

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