Everything About Dog Heat

Heat is commonly known as the estrous cycle. During this cycle, your pup may become pregnant. It’s equivalent to human menstruation. For small dogs, it’s usually not much and you may need to pay close attention to your puppy to identify her first cycle. Mature female dogs go into heat approximately twice a year, which basically means that they will be on their mating period. Dogs that have been spayed do not undergo estrus.

Why Walking Is Healthy For Both You and Your Dog

According to the Canadian Community Health Survey in 2004, walking is the most popular, cheapest, easiest and most convenient ways to stay healthy for adults. Indeed, it is a great way to start your day and get the daily dose of physical activity. All you need is a pair of running shoes and a safe place to walk.

True or False: There Is No Such Thing As a “Bad Breed”

Banned breeds run the gamut, but are found to be potentially dangerous, and therefore are banned. Generally speaking, dogs which are found to be genetically predisposed to attacking were indeed originally bred to have those exact characteristics.

Death of a Dog – How Do You Know When the Right Time Has Come? Tips You May Find Helpful

Being a dog parent is very joyful but the time may come when you have to reach a very painful decision on behalf of your beloved pet. This is a subject people don’t like to talk about so your friends and family members might not be very helpful when you have to decide on the right time for your dog to cross the rainbow bridge. Having been through this myself I would like to share a few ideas on how to determine what to do.

Obesity and Your Dog

We keep watching the tremendous problem obesity has come to be in the United States and one has to wonder when are we going to end this so both, our children and adult population can live a healthier and longer life. It is something to really worry about. But obesity does not only apply to us humans; our pets can also suffer from it if we are not paying the correct attention to this important subject. We will concentrate here in obesity in our dogs.

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