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Some Important Facts To Explore About Prescription Diets

A diet is an essential part of pet’s health and when a pet is sick it’s your vet who can recommend the right diet for the pet. Recently, prescription diet has become highly popular among vets and pet parents. Let’s find some major facts about these vet diets.

Just a Dog – Story of a Stray

This is a story about a dog “Kaale” a stray dog from Kathmandu, Nepal. He was a big dog, but very gentle in nature and lived near my office. Adopt a stray dog.

Scaredy Cat: Fear in Training

First of all, what is fear? Fear is an emotion in response to the perception of a threat. Since the correct and timely response to a threat can mean the difference between life and death, it is more beneficial to react now and think later, so to speak…

The Happiest Pup in the Park – Exercise Your Dog’s Mind

Providing dogs with mental stimulation, as well as physical and social interactions are critical factors for maintaining their behavioral health. When there is an imbalance in physical and mental stimulation unfavorable behavior can develop. It’s a shame when a dog is reprimanded for naughty behavior that is in reality a case of boredom.

If You Are a Dog Attack Victim, Read This

In dog bite cases, the dog’s owner is the defendant and the victim is the claimant and the legal issues surrounding dog bites are often complex because most states (but not all) are strict liability jurisdictions. This means that dog owners are civilly liable for the dog bite as long as the victim neither trespassed nor provoked the dog. In some states, liability is automatic, while in others there are limitations upon it. A dog bite victim should seek counsel from an experienced attorney to determine if they reside in a strict liability state and to ensure they receive the maximum compensation allowed under the law.

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