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How Do No Pull Dog Harnesses Work?

There are many dog harnesses available on the market today and all are designed to fit around a dog’s torso, which should relieve pressure around the neck area. A no pull dog harness has one or two unique attributes and can help if your dog pulls excessively. Here we take a look at how to use one and when they can be become a useful component of your walking and training regime.

5 Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Your Pet Dog

Our pets are as much a part of the family as any human, and Christmas can be the perfect occasion to splash out on a little treat for them too. There is now a large number of pet supplies retailers out there offering a range of Christmas themed gifts for your dog, so you are sure to find something that is ideal for your four legged friend. Our first suggestion for a doggy gift this Christmas is investing in a special advent calendar for your pet. These can not only make for a fantastic decoration, but will ensure that your dog gets a treat every day in the build up to Christmas Day, just like all the children in the household are.

3 Good Reasons to Buy a Matching Dog Collar and Lead

When it comes to purchasing the perfect dog collar and lead for our dog, the task can be often overwhelming. There are not only hundreds of different styles on the market, but also a vast range of designs and materials to choose from, leading to a lot of confusion for shoppers. The first things to bear in mind when picking out a dog collar and a lead for your pet include which material is best for them, what kind of design is appropriate for their breed and how you intend to use the lead and collar – for long nature walks in the rain, for training a young dog, or just for a couple of daily walks around the local park.

5 Key Training Tips for First Time Dog Parents

Training your dog is one of the first steps in early interaction and bonding between you. Making this effort is part of getting to know your new loved one, and time for him to get to know you. Whether it’s housebreaking, proper dog walking or basic command practice, it’s never too early to start learning tools for teaching your pet necessary skills. Here are some tips on how to train your dog for beginners.

How Do I Keep My Dog Warm in the Winter?

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, you’ll want to make sure your dog is kept warm during the winter. Whether they have short hair or long, there’s nothing a dog likes more than to snuggle up in a warm place. Don’t forget that walk out in the cold either, some dogs don’t mind the chilly weather but others need an additional thermal layer just like us humans.

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