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Dog Grooming, Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Grooming a dog, depending on the breed is not an easy task. However, with proper tools, preparing your pet, and having someone for assistance can make the job a lot less difficult.

Dogs and Leashes: Always Together?

We have been accustomed to establishing a relationship between dogs and leashes most of our lives as dog owners. It seems we have always been taught that dogs have to be trained using leashes and that these are a must when walking them.

Kids and Dog Bites

A cute dog can turn into a vicious attacker in just a moment’s notice. There is nothing quite as terrifying in life as a dog bite attack. It can be particularly terrifying for a small child. If you or your child have been attacked by a vicious or malicious dog, or just your neighbor’s “friendly pooch,” immediately seek proper medical care.

Make Dog Training Fun, Not A Chore

I always tell my clients that dog training is something you should enjoy doing with your dog not something that you dread. I have always found that training with my dog was so exciting when the light bulb goes off and the dog grasps the new exercise. I know it is just as exciting for the dog as it is for the trainer.

Service Dog Training – Volume 1

Training a service dog takes time and energy with a ton of consistency. Go through the process with me and my medical alert service dog, Jag.

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