Do harnesses make leash pulling worse? Should you use a harness for dog training? #dogtraining

Using A Doggy Door

Doggy doors are a great convenience for both owners and dogs. Whether you have a puppy, a dog in the prime of life or an elderly dog, a doggy door allows your dog to go in and out at will into a safe backyard. Your dog can potty or play as he wishes. Doggy doors are not hard to install and it’s easy to teach your dog to use one.

Why Do Dogs Drool?

Just about all dogs drool but it’s much more noticeable in some dogs than others. The most basic reason dogs drool is related to the same reasons they salivate, or, indeed, why humans salivate: they are anticipating food. Any time a dog starts expecting food there will usually be some drool soon.

Why Are Some Dogs Submissive?

If you’ve ever wondered why some dogs are submissive, as opposed to dominant, the short answer is because somebody has to be. Dogs, like wolves, have a pack social structure. This means that there is a hierarchical social order, with a dominant leader at the top and other wolves/dogs filling other roles in the order below.

Do Dogs Dream?

We may not be able to ask our dogs if they dream but all of the scientific data points to the fact that yes, indeed, dogs do dream. According to researchers, dogs have the same kind of sleep patterns that humans have. That is, they have SWS, or Slow Wave Sleep, the first stage of sleep.

Dealing With An Overweight Dog

It’s estimated that around 40 percent of the dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. Most of those dogs are overweight simply because their owners are feeding them too much food and the dogs don’t get enough exercise.

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