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Bravecto – Feasible, Trustable and Efficient Parasitic Treatment

With several options available for flea and tick treatments in the market, we tend to look for the most efficient and affordable product that suits both, our pet and pocket. Bravecto – an oral flea and tick treatment has proven its effectiveness with the tested times.

Make Your Pet Comfortable No Matter Where You Are

Most dogs love to “go” anywhere! They don’t really care where they go, they just want to go with you. Take him or her with you as often as you can. It really is easier than a lot of people think. And it can add years to your pets life by avoiding the undo stress of feeling abandoned when you are gone. I don’t know about anyone else, but I invest a lot of time into my dogs and I want them with me as long as possible! But most importantly, when we go, I want him to be comfortable and happy about it.

You Can’t Socialize Your Dog By Sitting At Home

Socializing your dog is a vital part of their mental health and growth. Socializing typically refers to the dog’s ability to get along with other people and dogs. Unfortunately a person can do more harm than good if not done correctly. Socialization can be accomplished in many ways but forcefully is not one of them.

Let’s Compare Dog Anatomy With Human

A dog may be man’s best friend, but anatomically speaking which species is superior? One obvious difference between dog anatomy and human is the contrast in size (and of course that human’s walk on two legs and dogs on four!) An average human height is 180cm, with the tallest dog, the Great Dane, reaching 86cm, and the smallest dog, the Chihuahua being 26 cm max.

Is Your Dog Safe In Your Garden?

The internet is both a mine and a minefield of information! There are many websites that provide lists of toxic and non-toxic plants, some of these lists are extensive and many contradictory in some ways. Not many pages will tell you what exactly might happen to your dog should they eat something so called “toxic” and it could be easy to get paranoid or complacent! If you are concerned about what your dog might eat do your own homework.

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