Ending the dog training controversy – I’ll tell you who won and why.

Training Your Dog To Stay In The Yard

People and dogs are alike in the sense that they both are somewhat territorial. Your dog probably has a good idea of the concept of your “property” or your area of the street or neighborhood. This article will give you some ideas how to keep your dog in the yard.

Why Does A Dog Need A Car Harness?

Dogs are on the go these days! You often see dogs, including large dogs, riding in cars with people. But it’s not very safe to allow your dog to ride loose in your car. One solution is to use a car harness to keep your dog in a safe position in your vehicle.

How To Find a Vet While You Are Traveling

Traveling with your dog can be a lot of fun. There are plenty of things to see and do and dogs are welcome in lots of different places. But, if you have an emergency and need veterinary help while you’re traveling, things can turn serious very fast. How do you find a vet while you’re traveling? This article will give you some good ideas.

What Is The Best Way To Stop A Dog Fight?

Dog fights are scary events. Whether you see a fight about to start between two Toy dogs are between two very large dogs, or some other variation, dog fights are tense and they can lead to serious injuries, both for the dogs involved and for you if you try to intervene. However, here is some information that can help you stop a dog fight and avoid getting hurt.

How To Care For A Pregnant Dog

Whether you have planned for your dog’s pregnancy or your girl made her own plans, if your dog is pregnant she needs the very best care you can give her. She is carrying puppies now and that means that the care you provide will help determine their health. Good care will also make the whelping itself go easier. Here are some good things to know about how to care for a pregnant dog.

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