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What Every Dog Owner Wished They Knew BEFORE They Built or Bought a Dog Kennel

Have you ever bought something and then realised down the track that it was a cheap buy for a reason? Maybe you knew you were getting a cheap buy and the fact that you could hide the thoughts yelling out to you that this great deal is a short cut made the purchase even more satisfying. Well, down the track when you are getting another great deal on the same product you’ll be wishing you had gone for the quality product rather than the most cost effective at the time. The fact is though, purchase price doesn’t determine quality. The most important factor is to know your product and know what you want before you buy it. When we apply this to dog kennel designs we refer to the features that will keep it from early destruction.

What Are the Ideal Conditions to House Train a Puppy?

You can house train a puppy if you establish a routine and stick with it. That’s the simple truth about house training. However, the process becomes easy when you are doing it under ideal conditions.

What Do You Know About Dog Depression?

The typical reaction when a person is faced with a dog that shows marked behavior changes like lack of appetite or interest in his or her usual activities, no response to the previously exciting stimuli or other atypical behavior is to “diagnose” the pet with dog depression. Have you ever been faced with any of the above in your own animal?

Feeding Your Dog a Diet Rich in Carbohydrates, He Will Love You for It

Like all living things, they need the right nutrients for energy. This is not only true for people; it is true for your dogs, as well. They need carbohydrates in their diet for energy.

The Unique Characteristics Of The Bichon Frise Breed

In the past few weeks, I have been discussing topics that were relevant to any dog breed. This week I am going to specifically focus on the Bichon Frise breed and the Bichon’s unique characteristics.

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