Long Haired Dog Breeds

There are several different long-haired dog breeds, which can make choosing the right one very difficult. The Pekingese is one of the best-known breeds, but there are many others too, including the Afghan Hound and the Old English Sheepdog. These dogs require regular grooming and care, but can be very beautiful, too. Listed below are some of the most popular long-haired dog breeds.

Long-haired Dog breeds


The Pekingese has a history that dates back to at least 200 BC. According to the Pekingese Club of America, the ancestors of the breed were short-nosed dogs that were used as companions for the Chinese royal family. Pekingese breeders became famous in the early eight hundreds AD. They were bred as tiny guard dogs and “sleeve dogs” for the Chinese emperors.

Pekingese dogs are affectionate, small dogs that are great for households of all sizes. Their high-energy personality makes them a great companion for families but they can be reserved around strangers. They are also naturally watchdogs, barking to alert you to strangers and the presence of intruders. However, these dogs do not have the high-pitched bark that makes them unsuitable for apartments.


The Newfoundland is a large, muscular, and intelligent breed of dog. This breed was bred for life on the sea. They have a deep chest, a large head, and strong neck and back. The head and muzzle are wide and heavy, with a moderate stop. The nose is generally black, but some bronze-colored dogs may have a brown nose. The teeth meet in a scissors bite, and their ears are rounded. Newfoundlands’ legs are long and straight, and their bodies are well-muscled.

While this breed is a great addition to any family, it requires a lot of attention. This dog breed is prone to bloat, which can be deadly. This type of coat makes Newfoundlands suitable for apartments as long as the pet receives enough exercise. However, these dogs do not do well in extreme heat. If you have an outdoor Newfie, be sure to provide fresh water, shade, and plenty of space to run.

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is one of the longest-haired dog breeds. These long-coated dogs need regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and glossy. Afghans need weekly baths and a trim around the eye area. Grooming is important for this breed, as its long coat can mat easily and is prone to tangles. A weekly bath will save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

The Afghan Hound is susceptible to several diseases, including laryngeal paralysis. This condition causes difficulty breathing. Fortunately, it’s treatable, but the quality of life is questionable until it’s detected and treated. Another serious ailment that affects this breed is Von Willebrand’s disease, which prevents blood from clotting. While Von Willebrand’s disease is not present in all Afghans, it’s still important to seek a reputable breeder.

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog is prone to many health issues including a dilated cardiomyopathy, which causes difficulty pumping blood through the heart. This type of cancer is genetic in nature, and it is curable with chemotherapy. The symptoms of dilated cardiomyopathy include pale gums, weakness, and loss of appetite. Fortunately, the disease is treatable. Although chemotherapy is a lifelong commitment, it is safe for your Old English Sheepdog to go through chemotherapy. To find out if your dog is suffering from this disease, a blood test is necessary. A complete blood count should be done twice a year, or more often if the condition is severe.

Old English Sheepdogs are well-behaved indoor dogs with excellent indoor manners. These gentle dogs are affectionate and friendly, but they are also known to be extremely protective of their territory. Their personality is infectious, and they will often act like clowns to get people’s attention. Because of their protectiveness and need for attention, owners should be prepared to spend a lot of time grooming their sheepdogs.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier dog breeds are known for their silky, straight coats. Show dogs often have hair that reaches the floor. They shed very little. Puppies are born black, and blue and tan coats develop gradually over time. If puppies do not lighten by the time they reach a year of age, they may turn gray. If you’re interested in getting a Yorkshire Terrier, there are many benefits of owning one.

A Yorkshire Terrier has an elegant and long coat that is similar to human hair. It is semi-hypoallergenic and is dark grey to black in color on the back and golden tan on the limbs. Typically, Yorkies are groomed so that their coat falls evenly on both sides of the body. Some owners trim their Yorkie’s hair to make it shorter. Regardless of length, it is always tied up with a ribbon to prevent it from falling into their eyes. The voluminous coat of this dog breed gives it a playful and jaunty look.


There are many beautiful long-haired dog breeds from which to choose. As you select your new dog, we recommend that you take into account your lifestyle, personality and the specific needs of your dog.

As with all dogs, be sure to provide them with plenty of exercise and socialization. Remember to groom them regularly and keep their environment clean. And always remember to treat your long-haired dog with plenty of love and care.

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