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Use Consistency When Training Your Dog

If you want to train your dog, you have to understand that consistency is key. Most people translate this to mean they must daily train their dog for extended periods of time. They tend to think they don’t have time to train their dog. However, that’s simply not true.

How to Reduce Dog Shedding

Dog shedding is a persistent problem encountered by many canines. This is a regular affair for many breeds but one has to keep a track on the overall frequency and amount of hair that is usually shed in order to gauge whether there is a problem or not. Excessive shedding is often the result of multiple causes.

Shop for Designer Accessories and Clothes for Your Furry Friend

Thinking of pampering your dog on his/her birthday or any other special occasion? You can actually do away with a reason and excuse to pamper your furry friend, going by the array of irresistible clothing and accessory options on offer online.

Is A Bavarian Mountain Hound The Dog For You?

An introduction to an uncommon breed. The Bavarian Mountain Hound is traditionally a hunting dog, but can also be a great family dog.

Healthy Feeding for Dogs: Best Dog Food Choices

Healthy feeding for dogs is definitely a tricky area for owners. There are literally so many options out there that it is quite natural to be confused. Dog food choices have to be made very carefully, keeping the best interests of your four legged wonder in mind.

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