Guard Dogs Are The Best!!! #shorts

Fido and Your Insurance Company

Being a responsible pet owner is important for the safety and welfare of the public, as well as your own peace of mind and financial liability. Making sure your insurance is proper and in order will help to avoid terrible consequences in case Fido decides to take a bite out of a friend, or a foe.

Mad Max Road Warrior Dog and the Power of Positive Reinforcement

Mad Max was a brilliant and funny bull terrier mix who taught me the power of positive reinforcement in dog training. He was very quick to learn new tricks and always seemed to have a demented sense of humor. Max never saw his fourth birthday. I learned a tragic lesson from a dog a loved very much.

Safety in Homes With Dogs and Children

Most dogs are strongly attracted to children in a positive way; however, some work is often needed to ensure that their relationship is a good one. We will discuss ways to introduce babies or children to your dog to prevent any problems.

Caring for Your Dog During a Disaster

Natural disasters or emergencies can happen with little or no warning. It is critical that your pet enters into your emergency planning to ensure that they are safe and sound.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Collars for Dogs

Almost every dog breed can benefit from obedience training of some sort. Positive reinforcement training works best for our family pets. We will discuss the option of using electronic collars with extra care with your dog if necessary.

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