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Dog Bite Law – Questions and Answers

In California, the owner of a biting dog is “strictly liable” for the damages and any injuries which were caused by their dog. the law does not take into consideration that the dog had no prior history of being a vicious dog. Most generally, in California the dog owner is completely responsible for any aggressive behavior of their dog. Contact a dog bite attorney to discuss the particulars of your case.

Getting Ready for a New Pet Dog

Everyone, whether a child or an adult, seems to get so excited with the arrival of a new pet, especially of a new cute and cuddly puppy. However, owning a new puppy goes beyond a simple welcome and introduction to each of the members of the family. There are things that should be considered when preparing for a new household member.

How To Choose The Right Chicken Jerky Dog Treats For Your Dog

Dog-owners need to be informed about choosing the right chicken jerky dog treats for their dogs. Choosing the right product includes checking the list of recalled chicken jerky products and thoroughly checking labels before buying not only chicken jerky products but any treats for dogs.

The English Springer Spaniel, History of a Hunter or History of a Show Dog?

English springer spaniels, very happy dogs that are bred for the perfect companion while bird hunting or bred for the perfect show dog. The history of these dogs originate in the 19th century and continue through today. See what makes them each unique but still remain one of the friendliest family dogs.

10 Signs You’re in Trouble With Your Dog

Below are ten signs that you’re in trouble and have lost control of your dog. In some instances there is a progression and a downward spiraling of a “good dog turned bad” syndrome from a human’s stand point. However from the dog’s viewpoint his actions stemmed from misunderstanding what you wanted from him. The order of these signs escalate with severity leading towards aggression. Not every dog will become aggressive. Not all these signs lead to the next sign. These issues are all things I have seen with dogs every day as common place as it is to simply breathe air. They are all preventable and all things that can be unlearned if not stemming from a physiological reason. And even in some instances physiological reasons can be corrected and may even be misdiagnosed.

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