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Organic Dog Food – Pros and Cons

Pet owners who want the best for their dogs often choose organic dog food instead of regular dog food, but is this really the right choice? Should pet owners like you solely rely on the commercials of big pet food brands or should you look into choosing a more organic diet for your dog?

Tips for Training Your Canine

Dogs learn at different rates. Many breeds tend to be easy to teach and respond swiftly, while others demand a lot more work and firm handling. Just how fast your dog will learn is going to be determined by which training method you’re using, how consistent you are and the type of puppy. It will additionally be determined by your dog training methods

How To Choose Unique Dog Names That You And Your Pet Will Love

One of the most anticipated parts of getting a new dog is giving it a name. You spend a lot of time thinking about a unique dog name. You can always go for the common names such as Max, Buddy, Lady, Sam, Lucy and others. The problem with choosing a common name for your dog is that when you are in a park there will be several dogs there with the same name as your dog. This is why it is better to go for unique dog names.

Dog Nutrition: Why You Should Never Give Food Scraps to Your Dog

I tend to find the scene both funny and very cute and I bet most dog owners do too. Having you dog sit by your side at the table and look at you with those adoring and “I didn’t do it” eyes usually makes anyone melt, but there is another side of the coin to know about because of its incredible importance in your dog’s health and life.

What To Do If Your Dog Keeps Scratching

In this article you are going to discover what actions to take if your dog is consistently scratching. While at the first glance scratching might not seem like a big problem, the fact is that it is, because if scratching is uncontrolled it can lead to hair loss, skin damage and infections. The fact is that scratching can affect all dogs no matter how big or old the dog is.

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