How to start teaching your dog to listen to you! #dogtraining #puppytraining #positivedogtraining

Factors To Consider Before Enrolling Dogs Into Obedience Schools

Pet dogs often need training from qualified professionals. There are many reputed obedience schools that train dogs of all breeds. Pet owners should consider some factors before sending their dogs to such schools.

Love Dogs? Then Consider Becoming A Trainer

Do you love dogs and enjoy spending time with them? If so then a career as a dog trainer just may be right up your alley. Becoming a professional dog trainer is not that difficult and starting your own business can be very rewarding.

Do Dogs Need A Backyard?

When it comes to the question “do dogs need a backyard” the answer is simple. A backyard would be nice however you don’t need to have a yard to have a happy well cared for dog. Let’s talk about it for a few minutes.

Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere?

We usually call this type of a dog a “Velcro Dog”. Do you have one? Some people enjoy having their dog with them all the time and some people find it to be very annoying. Let’s talk about Velcro dogs.

Tips For Socializing Your Dog

Socialization for a dog is very important and it’s something that must be done when the dog is young. Quite often people think they’re doing the right things when it comes to socialization but they are actually not because they don’t know exactly what socialization means.

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