How to STOP crazy BARKING with German Shepherd – No Treats, No Ecollars, No Prong Collars.

6 Warning Signs That Your Puppy Is Dominant

Having a dominant puppy can lead to all types of problems as your puppy grows into an adult dog. Being able to identify these dominant signals is important so that you will be able to correct the problems before they become habits. Training your puppy should start at 4 to 6 months of age and the earlier the better to keep from developing these bad traits.

6 Training Secrets Every Dog Owner Should Know

Now that you have a dog it’s time to do some training. I’m going to share some training secrets that will make training Fido much easier and at the same time more enjoyable.

5 Warning Signs About Using To Many Dog Treats

If you have a dog you probably have some dog treats laying around. In fact some of my clients have so many dog treats that the dog really doesn’t need dog food because it is eating treats all day long. Giving your dog too many dog treats can cause all types of problems and here are some of the warning signs.

5 Commands Every Dog Should Know

Every dog should know some basic commands. There are five commands that are really very important and could actually be lifesaving in an emergency situation. Every dog no matter its size or its age should you know these very basic commands.

Is It Separation Anxiety or Boredom?

Separation anxiety is a serious problem that can create many problems for dogs and their owners. I have been helping dogs and owners for years with separation anxiety; in fact I have several vets who send me clients regularly.

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