How to Train Without Pain in The Modern Era of Dog Training

What to Look for in a Good Dog Groomer?

Everyone is fond of keeping pets. Especially, this trend is common in European countries where equal importance is given to pets. Obviously, pet animals are important part of our life yet they cannot communicate to the human beings.

5 Ways Spent Beer Grain Is Used

Reusing spent grains from the brewing process has gained traction in recent times, and brewers have found all sorts of interesting ways to use them. From feeding livestock, to baking bread, to making dog biscuits from beer grain, a plethora of ideas have sprung up and have been put into action.

Using Doggie Treats As Rewards The Right Way

Doggie treats, especially in the form of food, are good rewards for dogs during training or for their good behavior. They should be given the right way, though, to prevent them from becoming forms of bribery.

How To Introduce A New Dog To An Established Pack

Introducing a new dog to an existing pack must be done carefully and with some thought. This article will give you information as to how to accomplish what can be a very sensitive situation.

Become The Alpha In Your Pack

You being alpha is very important for your dog. It establishes you as the leader of the pack. Training creates that master-dog relationship and establishes you as the leader.

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