How to Train Your Dog to STAY, SETTLE and BE QUIET When They’re Distracted By EVERYTHING On EARTH

Is A Great Dane the Right Dog for You?

A Great Dane is a lot of things. Majestic comes to mind. Stately. Massive. Lanky. Cumbersome, perhaps. Big. They are known for their gentle nature and good personality. They are great dogs! But is a Great Dane the right dog for you?

Caring for Your Dog When You Are Away

Like our children we want to give our pets the very best of everything that we possibly can. This is especially true if you have to work outside of the home or if you go on vacation. In times such as these you want make sure that you are entrusting the care of your dog to someone that will take care of them in the manner that they are accustomed.

Get to Know Your Best Friend Better

Horses were known as man’s best friend in the middle ages. But today, it is the dog that is universally recognized as the best friend of man. Not many people know much about them despite keeping them as pets.

Are You Considering a Maltese Dog For Your Family?

The Maltese is a cute little toy dog that only stands about ten inches high. They normally weigh less than ten pounds and have coats of long, straight silky fur.

Keeping Your Pit Bull Socialized And Friendly

Pit Bulls are naturally friendly dogs. They are smart, loyal and highly trainable. The key to having a friendly pit bull is to be friendly yourself. You must be a cheerful and loving pet parent in order to have a friendly and loving pet.

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