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What To Do When An Off-Leash Dog Charges You And Your Dog

What should you do when a dog who isn’t on its leash charges at you and your dog? You might be tempted to jump in front of your dog and act as a shield. However, there are some other options you might want to go with. Some of these options will be discussed below.

Best Chew Toys For Puppies

You’re coming home from a long day at work. You’re tired, you’ve been on your feet all day, and all you want to do is slip into something comfortable and relax. You take off your shoes, go to your slippers, only to find that your puppy has chewed them up. How can you make sure this sort of thing doesn’t keep happening? How can you make sure your puppy has the best things for them to chew? Can you stop them from chewing all together?

Finding Puppy Toys That Are Safe

While every pet needs a few fun toys, it can be hard to find the right items to give your pet. Some toys aren’t made with an animal’s safety in mind, and giving one to a puppy can put them at risk. Toys have been known to cause stomach obstruction, choking, and have even contained materials that are toxic to small dogs.

Is a Male or a Female Puppy Better for You?

When people are looking at puppies, they spend a lot of time considering the type of breed that would be the best fit for them. They read up on common characteristics, and figure out what kind of dog would be a good fit for their lifestyle.

Don’t Take Your Puppy Away From the Litter Too Soon

Puppies need to stay with their original families (at least the rest of the litter) for at least the first two months (or 8 weeks) of their lives, according to some recent scientific research. Certain canine behavioral components (i.e.

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