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Is Your Dog Chewing Everything in Sight?

Chewing is a natural behavior in dogs, it’s the way young dogs explore the world around them. However, a dog’s natural instincts can turn into unhealthy and unacceptable behavior such as chewing your sofa, favorite shoes or items that have the potential to harm your dog. If your dog’s natural chewing behavior has turned into nuisance chewing, it’s time to take action.

Garmin Releases the New PRO 550 Training Collar

The much anticipated newly redesigned Garmin Pro 550 has arrived and has everything you could ask for in a training collar! The Garmin / Tri Tronics combination has done it again with this fantastic combination of features and the ability to expand to use with multiple dogs.

The Secrets To Training Any Dog

There is a secret to training any dog. In fact I have never seen a dog that could not be trained. However I have seen dog owners that never took the time to train their dog and then wonder why their pet is out of control.

Why Does My Dog Dig Holes in The Backyard?

This is a really good question and it’s actually a question that I’m asked quite often. Having a dog create craters in your backyard is not only unsightly but it’s annoying as well. Let’s talk about some of the reasons that your dog might be digging holes in your backyard.

Is a Dog Stroller Worth Owning?

Dog strollers are beginning to become a very popular product. More and more dog owners are opting to purchase a stroller for their pet. With such a dramatic rise in popularity, it’s easy to assume that dog strollers are a handy thing to have around. But are they really worth owning? And are they something you should invest in?

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