Identify what certain behaviors during play mean for the personality of a dog

Your Guide To Dog Rescue

Sadly, not all dogs receive love in return for the love they are capable of giving. Unfortunately, animal shelters are overcrowded with lots and lots of unwanted dogs. Petting a dog can be a very joyful experience.

Fake Service Dogs Are On The Rise

In an effort to take their dogs with them everywhere, able-bodied pet owners are pretending their dogs are certified service dogs. Unfortunately, the rise of fake service/assistance dogs is causing harassment for true dogs of service and their disabled companions. Learn the three requirements you and your dog must meet per federal service dog laws.

Dog Steps Could Save Your Dog From Drowning

Most people think that all dogs can swim; the term “doggy paddle” had to come from somewhere, right? Unfortunately, each year approximately 40,000 pets die in drowning accidents. Learn how using dog steps in the pool provides a safe, easy escape for your dogs that like to swim.

The Benefits Of Using Dog Sling Carriers

Making use of dog carriers is important when going out. Luckily, there are dog carriers that are stylish which can cater to your needs efficiently.

Dog Bites and You: What You Need to Know

It is estimated that about 4.5 Americans suffer from dog bites every year. Medical practitioners also say that one in every five bites needs the attention of a qualified healthcare giver. Most people think that there is really nothing that can be done about preventing dog bites; however, it is possible to possibly avoid the occurrence altogether by doing the following things.

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