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9 Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Travel With Your Dog

A summer vacation is just what you and your dog need. Here are some do’s and don’ts of traveling with your dog, to help you make the most of your vacation, while staying safe.

Tips to Stop Dog Aggression in Your Household

No household wants to have an aggressive dog in their midst as such a dog can be very scary. You as the dog the owner should be the ‘pack leader’ and so you should not allow your dog to control your home. As soon as your dog begins to show signs of aggressive behaviour you should stop it and so here are a few tips to help you.

6 Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

There are many reasons, and also many ways, to exercise. In the United States, more than one-third of adults (34.9%) are obese.

Dogs Can Get Osteoarthritis, Too

Your dog may have osteoarthritis, especially if he is older and/or a larger breed dog. This article addresses some of the symptoms of arthritis. It also gives some practical suggestions for creating a more comfortable environment for your arthritic dog, as well as some ways to ease his discomfort.

Canine “Drowning” on Terra Firma

It is summer and what better time for your dog to dive into your swimming pool or at a sparkling lake, or playfully bite at the water jets from your lawn sprinklers or garden hose. When it’s hot outside, there is nothing better than a face-full of cool, refreshing water. But beware, if your dog takes in an excessive amount of water, it can lead to an uncommon but deadly condition known as water intoxication.

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