Is Exercising Your Dog a Mistake? Let’s Settle This.

Is It Necessary for Children to Have Fear of Dogs?

When thinking about dogs and puppies, one of the common things that come to mind is fear of dogs, especially when we think of children and their possible interaction with these wonderful pets. Fear is not something that we inherit. Yes, it is one of the strongest natural human reactions to danger, one of our basic emotions, so it is definitely in our system.

Dog Hip Dysplasia: How To Know If Your Dog Is Suffering From Hip Dysplasia

Getting a pet requires a sense a commitment and responsibility. Dog owners, for instance, should be aware of the diseases that may affect their dogs. One of the most common conditions that dogs suffer from is hip dysplasia.

Cool Facts About German Sherpherds

German Shepherds are my favorite breed of dog. I’m going to give you some fun, cool facts regarding the breed.

Understanding the Needs of Your Older Dog

Just like humans, our dogs can have differing issues that present themselves when they age. It is important to take special care of our pets as they age. We will discuss the best way to care for your older dog to make them happy and healthy for as long as possible.

Preparing For Your New Puppy

There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new puppy into your family. Serious considerations must be made, however, to ensure a long-lasting, happy relationship. We will review the most important things to consider when bringing a puppy into your home.

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