Is your dog OBSESSED with something? Figure out how to use it to your advantage… #dogtraining

What Dog Behaviors Bother You the Most?

If we go into the realm of unwanted behaviors in living creatures, the list would never end. Animals and humans, and we must not forget we are animals too, characterize themselves by producing all kinds of behaviors that are really annoying to others. Human babies do it, adolescents do it and even adults do it. So, it is to be expected dogs do it too.

Dogs and Sleep

I have a friend who simply adores sleeping. She works, but the slightest chance she gets, she tries to get in a horizontal position and fall into Morpheus arms. Sometimes, when I have some friends invited to a little beach house I own and she comes along, I always anticipate that when she disappears for a while or nobody hears her, I just show my face at the door of her bedroom and there she is… sleeping like a baby. It really makes me laugh.

Dog Exercise: Very Important Considerations

A lot has been said about the effects lack of exercise has in dogs, something I consider very significant for all dog owners to learn. Today I would like to mention a few important tips to remember in the other direction because the effects of these could harm instead of help you dog, which is exactly the contrary of what any dog loving owner would want .

Who Makes Dog Food?

If you are interested in cooking for your dog, you are not alone! Many pet parents want to be in control of the freshness and quality of their dog’s food.

Personal Dog or Family Dog?

Although by looking at the title one may think: what is the difference between having a personal dog or a family dog? that difference does exist. Circumstances in the lives of humans vary from one person to another and also continuously. We have read many times that the only constant in life is change, so the reason or reasons one may have today to want a dog may not be the same ones to be considered tomorrow.

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