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How To Stop Your Puppy From Toileting Inside Your Home

In this article, I will discuss proven techniques that you can use to teach your new puppy not to ‘relieve’ him or herself in the house. These techniques are gentle and humane and require just a bit of patience. To begin, let’s go over the facts about the proper toilet training of a puppy: Puppies are a lot like babies.

Healthy Pets Make for Healthier Owners – Importance of Veterinary Medicine for Humans

It is important to keep your pet healthy because it can actually keep you healthier. Regular veterinary exams for your pet will help maintain both you and your pet’s health.

Learn The Humane Way To Train Your Dog

In this article, I’m going to reveal the essential things you must know in order to effectively train your dog and avoid complete failure. Training an aggressive or disobedient dog CAN be done using more gentle, humane methods. This article will explore some of these methods.

Steps to Take When Adjusting to Your Dog’s Loss of Vision

If your pet pooch loses his sight, both you and your dog will understandably be distressed. Your responsibility as his owner is to make the transition easier by knowing how to deal the change in circumstances and by maintaining a calm and positive attitude.

Spic and Span Pet Grooming: Cheap Advantix For Dogs

K9 advantix is a trusted product because it kills ticks- disease- causing organisms that attach themselves to your dog, feeding on its blood. At worst, tick infestation can cause paralysis to your pet, or alarming conditions Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis. The advantix medication kills and destroys ticks fast, removing them from your canine’s skin.

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