Learn what dog food I feed my dog Prince.

Are You Ready for a Bulldog?

Humans love dogs. Even thought some people can be scared of the bigger dogs, there is a reason for the say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and that is because a dog, is the most popular pet for a human.

Maintaining Your Carpet During the Summer Months

To keep your carpet clean, it is necessary to vacuum regularly with a strong, well-functioning and properly filtered vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, due to children, pets and normal wear, carpet fibers inevitably become soiled and a dull appearance results.

Dog Training: Each Owner Is A Trainer

We would all like our dogs to be obedient to our commands and to be well behaved. But this is often not the case, so what can we do about it?

How To Deal With Some Dog Health Problems

Many people really love to have dogs as their pets. They love feeding them, playing with them and having them at home. However, not many people really know how to properly care for their dogs.

Some Useful Cocker Spaniel Training Tips

Part of the purpose of training your cocker spaniel is to reduce any negative behaviours such as chewing, barking or aggression. However to be successful, you’ll want to provide a gentle approach without scolding or shouting. Read some useful tips on how to train your cocker spaniel and avoid some common pitfalls.

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