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Common Misconceptions About Electric Dog Collar

In reality, the electric dog collar is not what many people think. It is not intended to hurt your pet. Its makers would not have produced the commodity if it’s intended to hurt – no one’s going to buy them anyway. Many people who are against this controversial collar missed the marketing point of its makers: to train dogs to develop positive behaviors.

Dog Skin Care: Simple Remedies

Bathing and grooming are excellent habits for dog owners to practice to keep their dog’s skin healthy. Supplements added to a dog’s diet will also help to promote healthy oil production that can help them fight off typical skin problems.

Which Dog Breed Would Make the Best Pet?

Dogs make excellent pets and truly are a man’s best friend. My lifelong ownership of dogs began at age eight and has continued to the present time – a span of sixty-five years. During that time I have owned several different breeds and am writing this article based upon my experience, claiming no special ability in training or caring for them. Each dog I’ve owned had its own unique personality and at the same time manifested its expected breed characteristics. All were wonderful pets and companions, brought me a great deal of joy and I’ve never regretted owning any of them.

How to Prevent Ticks From Ticking Off Your Pets

The summer and autumn months can be the most difficult time for both dogs and their humans because of the onslaught of fleas and ticks. It is important that we know not only how to stop ticks from ticking off our pets but also know what methods and products are best to use to make sure an infestation doesn’t happen.

Multiple Dog Households, Prevent Fighting And Build A Pack!

Living in a multiple dog household can have it’s challenges. Just like any family group dogs can get upset with each other, which leads to fights. Read on to find out how you can prevent fights and build a stronger relationship between the four-legged members of your pack.

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