Separation Anxiety In Large Breed Dogs

Even though you chose crate training, this dog does most of his destruction when the family is away during the day. He has chewed his way through kennels and destroyed clothing, shoes and furniture all the while he is free and unattended. When the family returns, they find a hyperactive dog awaiting them, and a destroyed house, which takes hours to clean the path of destruction.

Benefits of Camping With a Pet Dog

It would be nice to go leave the busy city life every once in a while and go on a camping trip, to breathe in fresh air, enjoy nature’s surroundings and go back to the basics. When campers take their dog along on the trip, they will be able to loosen up and enjoy each other’s company with no distractions, making it a fun way to make their bond stronger. In case they happen to find themselves in the middle of nowhere as they head out with their tent to camp out underneath the stars,…

Should You Buy a Dog Tent or Not?

Summer is the time when people go outdoors to have fun with their pet doing activities like hiking, swimming and playing catch. One of the pastimes that dog owners love to do is camping however, if their pet snores, passes gas (a habit that most dogs do) or becomes dirty when exploring, they probably wouldn’t want to share their tent. As a solution, they should get a dog tent.

Dogs Do The Darndest Things! – Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two-part article which describes some strange and funny things that dogs will do at home which may amuse you. Anyone who has had the pleasure of having a dog in their house must wonder at some of the antics they see every day. I’m giving my age away when I mention that Art Linkletter used to say “Kids say the darndest things”. Well, dogs do the darndest things also. Just think about it – when you are watching TV and see a dog being hugged by someone or if they do something funny or even goofy, who can’t help but smile. Think of the reaction of most patients to a therapy dog in a hospital. You can’t help but being emotional. So here are a few things that dogs do that will either annoy or amuse you.

5 Ways to Enjoy Snow With Your Dog

It’s that time of year again where some areas might get snow to play in! We don’t have any here personally, but I am used to winters back east, and can imagine what it must be like to play with your dog and children in so much snow! Chase the Disappearing Snowball This one is easy.

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