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Puppy Biting and How to Stop It

Your cute puppy may be just the sweetest thing in the world, but if it becomes an issue, it’s important to end puppy dog biting immediately. Dog owners do not realize that this specific behaviour may lead to difficulties with dominance as well as aggression later on in the puppy’s life. Find out more and learn how to stop biting before it becomes a problem

Tips To Keep A Healthy And Happy Puppy

Puppies are generally cute, energetic and charming that every family member would love to have them at home. They help add fun and joy to the household. As most people say, dogs are men’s best friends.

Key Features to Look For in A Dog Training Program

If you have ever looked into arranging some dog training for your canine companion, you will be aware that all training programs are certainly not created equally. It is important to look at a few different programs and find the right one for you. Your pet is an important part of your family, so why wouldn’t you take the time to interview the people you are trusting to train them? It helps to know what to look for when it comes to choosing a training program.

Dog Life Jackets Keep Summer Fun And Safe

Many pet owners ask, “Does my dog need a life jacket?” This article helps answer that question by giving facts about dogs around water and tips for choosing dog life jackets.

Failure to Protect Your Pet From Summer Heat Can Be Fatal

I live in Arizona where it reached 108 degrees yesterday. In this article I will discuss heat safety for your dog.

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