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Canine Obesity: Steps to a Healthier Dog

The formula for weight loss is not a complex one, but it is one that you, as the owner, must commit to. Follow these easy steps to help your pet to a healthier weight.

The Life-Threatening Sickness of Your Dog – Vets Swale

Learn about the life threatening sickness that your Dog might have. Know the symptoms and how to prevent it.

How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

Quite often someone will call me inquiring about dog training lessons and the first question out of their mouth is how much does it cost. I realize that it’s not an unreasonable question however there are a lot more things to consider in training your dog than merely the cost.

My Favorite Dog Toy

I think most dog owners have a favorite toy they like to use with their dog. I know as a professional dog trainer I do. In fact for me it’s the one that serves many purposes not only for puppies, pets, but even detection dog training as well.

Canine Obesity: The Signs, Risks, and Causes

Nearly 50% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese. Of these dog owners, 30% consider their pet’s weight to be normal. Is your dog overweight?

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