What Are Some Of The Best Dog Parks For Dog Training in Marin?

If you live in Marin County, California and you own a dog, there are options that are open to you which will help you to get your dog out, socialize it and train it. In fact, there are different community dog parks that are available which are going to benefit you and your animal in these ways.

Potty Training Your Pooch Using a Bell

Training your pet to potty outside your home using a bell has proven effective to a lot of pet owners. Find out in this step by step guide how you can bell train your pooch.

Are You Dog ‘Body-Language’ Savvy?

My father taught me a thing or two about dogs. He wasn’t a certified expert on them, but he was an ‘expert’ in experience with them… a ‘dog whisperer’ predecessor in his own right. He taught me that body language was the key – yours and the dog’s.

Why Alvin the Cockapoo Dog Required Anal Gland Surgery

This article explains why Alvin, a 3-year-old Bichon-Cockapoo mix, required surgery to remove his anal glands. Did his owners agree to the surgery and possible incontinence?

What You Need To Know About Feeding Older Dogs

In this article I would like to share with you some useful information about feeding older dogs. All dogs are unique and different and some dogs begin showing signs of aging earlier, whereas some dogs begin showing signs later. As our dogs get older not only do they begin showing signs of aging, but their bodies start functioning differently too.

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