What Are The Treatments for Dog Arthritis?

Dog arthritis is common, and it can cause dogs intense pain. There are various treatments for dog arthritis, though. These include proper exercise, NSAIDs, surgery, and hip and joint supplements.

Pit Bull Stress And Anxiety

Certainly, the most frequent problem that the average Pit bull owners faces is their Pit bull’s stress and anxiety. An anxious Pit bull could cause plenty of irritation mainly because it begins to bark when it realizes that you’re about to leave the house.

8 Factors That Make a GPS Tracking Collar Effective

Before, dog owners are not at peace when they can’t see their pets for minutes. They always have this hidden yet real fear that their dog can get lost. Modern technology is about to change this mindset. By fitting your dog with GPS pet tracking device, you can be sure to know his exact location in real time.

Practical Tips to Protect Your Dog When Hunting

Sport hunting is at its best when you have a well-trained dog that helps to find game for you. But you must also consider that your pet is also exposed to safety risks while he is doing his job. You should practice safety measures when you go out on hunting trips with your dog.

The Bloodhound – An Extraordinary Dog

Bloodhounds are very extraordinary animals. They are categorized as ‘scent hounds,’ which is to say, they hunt prey or track missing persons by scent rather than by sight.. I saw a story on T.V. once about how a Bloodhound tacked down a little girl who had disappeared.

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