Part 2 of training my dog around a bear

Understanding Why Your Puppy or Dog Needs a Strong Leader and How To Be One

Your puppy or dog is a descendant of the wolf. They sometimes think and behave the way wolves do. Since your puppy or dog does not live in the wild, they need rules plus, fair, firm, and consistent leadership all the time.

Canine Care 101: Diet and Nutritional Requirements

Pet owners are responsible for the health, happiness, and well-being of their dogs. A balanced diet is at the very core of canine health because the right type of food eaten coupled with the right amount will boost the immune system of these faithful animals. There are many different brands of dog food being sold in pet stores and supermarkets today, but it is important for pet owners to be very discerning.

Dogs, Products of Their Environment

Dogs are much like children. They are a product of their environment. Behavior is learned, how we act or behave is something your pet will learn and copy or mimic.

Why Are You Afraid of Dogs?

I still get surprised when I see or hear a person saying that he or she is afraid of animals for no apparent reason. There is, of course, a psychological category into which this fear falls: phobias.

Some Golden Retriever Health Problems

Are you considering getting a Golden retriever puppy or possibly adopting an older Golden Retriever? Goldens are fantastic dogs. They train easily and are most definitely a very loyal companion. However like any other breed they do have some health issues that you should consider and watch for before purchasing your dog.

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