Quit giving so many verbal cues

Submissive Urination And How To Stop It

Submissive urination can be a real problem for many dog owners and they want to know how to stop it. You usually see it more in young puppies than older dogs and my experience has shown that it happens more often with female puppies than males.

My Rescue Dog Was Great for Two Weeks

If you have ever rescued a dog you may have said this exact same thing after you had it 10 – 15 days. However don’t be alarmed it’s really normal and it does not mean that you got a bad dog, it simply means that it is time to start some training.

Things To Know About The German Pinscher

Trying to find the perfect dog? With so many breeds in existence, you may not know which breed is the right choice for you. If you are interested in having a medium-sized dog in your household, the German Pinscher is one breed to consider. There are so many great traits about this kind of dog.

What You Don’t Know About Panoramis (Trifexis)?

Many products are available in the market for treating different parasites. Among them, Panoramis is an effective product that treats fleas, intestinal worms and prevents heart worms. Let’s explore what you don’t know about this flavored tab.

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds

There are lots of stories of parents bringing home a dog which is not habituated to be with kids. The story usually ends with the dog given away. This picture could have been changed with a small research into dog breeds those are good with children.

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