Some of the best advice I have for training your dog!! It’s counterintuitive… but so true! ✨

Buying a Jacket for Your Dog

Wearing clothes doesn’t come naturally to dogs. We must remember at all times that just like we need to feel comfortable with the clothes we wear, dogs need to feel the same. Wrapping a jacket around your dog during winter should not be a fashion statement but a necessity. Few tips to buying the right jacket for your pet.

Ten Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain

Dogs won’t always tell us when they’re in pain. Here are ten possible warning signs that your dog isn’t feeling his best.

Should You Make Your Dog Wear Clothes?

Dogs may be our babies but they do not need to wear clothes at all times like we humans do. If you like your furry baby to wear clothes then here are few things to consider.

Plan a Great Pet Friendly Trip

Are you ready to take a vacation with your pet? Here’s some tips and tricks to make sure your trip runs smoothly.

How Victor Dog Food Focuses on Nutrition

You have heard the statement, you are what you eat. Guess what? Your dog is what he eats, too. This means that you need to focus on nutrition with the food that you give your dog each day. Victor dog food focuses on nutrition so that you don’t have to. As long as you see the name brand, you know that you are doing right by your dog.

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