SPCA Revolutionizes Rehabilitation of Severely Traumatized Dogs to Encourage Successful Adoption

What is unique about this new approach is that the dogs are given a strict program and strict socialization and training for 3 months – consistently. That is 3 months in a consistent environment, with familiar professional trainers, handlers and veterinarians on hand.

Scientists Say There Is a Better Way To Convert Dog Years To Human Years

Some scientists have converted a human’s DNA methylations to estimating age or even predicting life expectancy. Other animals such as dogs undergo DNA methylation. As dogs age one common issue is hip dysplasia.

The 12 Best Jobs for Dog Lovers

It’s time to dust off the resume, start a doggy day job, and never work another day in your life. But what are the best jobs for dog lovers like yourself?

4 Things NOT TO DO With Your Dog During COVID

In this article we discussed what your dog does not need you to do for them during the pandemic. Please keep yourself and your friends and family safe.

How Safe Is Air Dried Dog Food

We know that dog has the lineage of wild animals such as of wolf. Therefore if we study further dogs are also capable to eat and enjoy raw meat.

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